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About us

Who are we:     Katie Roberts and Mary Freeman are the inspiration behind Soulshine Yoga.                         They are both experienced yoga teachers who recognised they found their approach to teaching stems                       m the same place

Our approach to yoga: : observe your breath, listen to your body, flow through your practice mindfully and with kindness to your entire being.
We teach Hatha style yoga with a mindful flavour, a sprinkle of humour, big breaths and a deep dose of relaxation.
Yes, yoga allows us to become physically stronger and longer, so we can firm up that ass and extend a little further, but as we do so, we become aware of the subtleties of our bodies and moreover the connection between mind, body and breath. It is this connection that can open up a whole new realm of wellness and fulfillment. Moreover, it can lead to the joy of stillness: letting go of the past, not projecting to the future but being in the moment.